Copy - 2024 Prueba Escrita

¿Cuál es su nivel de educación en su país de origen?

Instrucciones: Escribe EN ESPAÑOL, EN ORACIONES COMPLETAS, las respuestas a estas dos preguntas:
1. ¿Cuál es tu comida favorita?
2. ¿Dónde compras los comestibles?


Responde tantas preguntas como puedas. Puede saltarse preguntas que son demasiado difíciles y pasar de una a la siguiente. Detente cuando no puedas responder más preguntas. Por favor: NO PIDA AYUDA y NO BUSQUE RESPUESTAS EN SU TELÉFONO! Si lo hace, no podremos ubicarlo en una clase que sea más útil para usted.

1. I_______a student.

2. ______ are in the park.

3. _____________ three children here today.

4. Look at the picture of a birthday party. What is the mother’s name?

5. There are ___ on the table.

6. Are they a family?

7. Maria _________ to Riverhead every Saturday.

8. This is __________ house.

9. Today is my birthday. I ______________.

10. They __________ a good job.

11. In picture #2, the dog is _______ the box.

12. In picture #3, the dog is _______ the box.

13. _______ José eat tacos?

14. I am _________ dinner.

15. She _____________with me today.

16. He_________ school yesterday.

17. Yesterday, I ________working with Pablo.

18. Yolanda is a teacher now. She _____ a teacher’s assistant before.

19. Mary is sick.  She _______ in school today.

20. We want ________ pizza tonight.

21. Yesterday Ana ________ to the movies.

22. Maria bought a _____  ______  ______.

23.  We __________fun seeing our friends last weekend.

24. Leon had a test today. He _____ yesterday.

25. The soccer game __________ late.

26. Arturo ___________ late again tonight.

27. I don’t want _______ help.

28. John and Mary are friends of ________.

29. Lila’s tooth hurts. She _____________ go to the dentist.

30. There __________music at the party tonight.

31. No.  I’m sorry.  I ______________ go with you.

32. It’s _________ tomorrow, so take an umbrella.

33. What is that?  _____a bird.

34. __________ did you eat lunch today?  I ate lunch in school.

35. _______ much does this dress cost?

36. The child ate ________much candy at the birthday party.

37. Write 2 complete sentences in English in the box below describing what any of the people in the picture are doing.